The Department of Athletic Performance was first conceived in 1999. Preparatory meetings and planning work began as early as 2000. The official establishment plan was submitted to the Ministry of Education in August the same year, and was approved subsequently. In September, the department began to execute both funding and student admission-related tasks, and finally became an official body on August 1st, 2001. Also, the graduate institute was established in 2006. Currently, the Department of Athletic Performance is developing athletic activities, such as archery, badminton, basketball, competitive gymnastics, female soccer, softball, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, track and field and volleyball. The department aims to develop excellent athletes and professional coaches, and concentrate on scientific research in athletics. In August, 2012, the department was integrated with the Graduate Institute of Exercise and Sport Science, with the expectation of strengthening the athletic performance with the sport science supports. It’s still called the Department of Athletic Performance ,which includes 2 master programs: athletic performance and exercise and sport science.